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Learn About Our Curriculum for Girls and Register Today!

Our program focuses on developing a range of skills, from strategic thinking to resilience, with a focus on public speaking, entrepreneurship, leadership, and mindset development. Through our workshop-based classes, we create a safe environment for young women to build their confidence and strive for success.



  • Interactive workshops

  • Group activities and discussion

  • Skill application and practice

  • Goal setting and reflection

  • Guest speakers

  • Mentorship

  • Hard skills & soft skills


  • Entrepreneurship

  • Public speaking

  • Confidence building

  • Leadership training

  • Money management

  • Sales, marketing, negotiation

  • Goal setting

The first class is on March 3rd, 2024, and runs through April 14th, 2024. Class meetings will take place biweekly for two hours online and in-person at the Niles Public Library. (In-person: Sundays 2-4 pm and Online: TBD)


Deadline to apply is February 29th.

Once accepted into the program, there is a $500 program fee - paid in two installments of $250 each.

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How we achieve success

Our comprehensive approach involves biweekly in-person and online training sessions, lasting 2 hours each. Our program covers a wide spectrum of both hard and soft skills, taught by trained professionals, that will prepare girls for fueling careers and personal success.


Join Success Seekers on this transformative journey as we shape not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the confident, empowered trailblazers of today.

The End Result?

Upon completing the Success Seekers program, students take away a concrete toolkit for personal and professional success, such as starting their own businesses, finance skills, and being able to speak confidently in front of an audience.

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