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America's FIRST girls-only public speaking &  business program!

Empowering girls to become leaders and strive for success

Success Seekers is a non-profit organization where we create strong girls through entrepreneurship, public speaking, mindset development, leadership, and confidence training, in order to inspire their personal growth and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Mrs. Carter, Park Ridge

"Emma's Success Seekers adventure has been a pleasant surprise. She used to doubt herself a lot, but now she's making power moves I never expected. The program didn't just teach her how to speak; it empowered her to aim high. I'm just trying to keep up with her new goals and ambitions!"

We Won 2024's Best Purpose-Driven Business Award!

See what our students are saying!

We are striving for a community where every girl is motivated, ambitious, and confident. We seek to create a positive ripple effect, inspiring a generation of young leaders who are not only academically successful but also driven by a sense of purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Our Vision

Our comprehensive 3-month program involves weekly in-person training sessions, lasting 3 hours. Our program covers a wide spectrum of both hard and soft skills, using a curriculum developed through extensive research and professionals, that will prepare girls for fueling careers and personal success.

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